Modern, Simple and Pragmatic Design
Modern, Simple and Pragmatic Design
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Rebuilding and restructuring a lifestyle webzine, with the user experience being the prime-focus
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Recto verso is an online magazine that covers various lifestyle topics, such as design, fashion and beauty.
We collaborated closely with Recto Verso to refresh and modernise their logo. Our objective was to create a logo that will remain timeless and flexible, so that it can be used across all type of support mediums. Their website was re-designed, and a new content structure was introduced. This allows the visitor-base to access the rich and varied content, in a simple yet intelligent way.

The primary challenge was to find a way for the users to experience the wide variety of articles. The first step was finding a user-friendly solution to categorising the content, via the redesign of the homepage and the menu. Additionally, the utilisation of bespoke colours for each topic allows the content to be easily distinguishable, in-turn simplifying the browsing experience. The secondary challenge was to find a way to increase the user’s time spent on the website. The new categorisation system enabled us to implement a functionality that presents the visitor with recommended articles, which are similar to the article that users are reading at any given time. A personalised, simplistic, yet fully functional CMS was created so that Recto Verso can easily add and/or change any aspect of their website.

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