Modern, Simple and Pragmatic Design
Modern, Simple and Pragmatic Design
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Breaking the rules of the beer market for a unique and exciting new beverage
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La Réserve Royale is a prestigious Belgian beer that shares similar qualities to a champagne. The beer is a light lager with a clean and balanced flavour profile. Their knowledge of traditional techniques, a blend of rare ingredients of the highest quality and a pioneering spirit, constitute the foundations of la Réserve Royale.

Our collaboration with Réserve Royale encompassed the creation of the Logo, pictogram, monogram and illustration for the brand. We also had the pleasure of designing the bottle and the packaging, which has won a Sparflex award. We broke the rules of the habitual designs seen in the beer market – we wanted to find a solution that represents the uniqueness of the product, as well as being appealing to their target audience. A unique contrast was created by utilising modern aspects of traditional champagne bottles and applying these to this project. The special packaging of the Royal Reserve is composed of a transparent champagne bottle, with a gold screen print of the logo on the front and a deer engraving on the back. The latter represents the "King" of the forests of the Belgian Ardennes. Each bottle is accompanied by a white cardboard case that has the logo, the illustration and additional information engraved on it.

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