We are a multidisciplinary design and branding
studio based in Brussels (Belgium) that specialises in the creation of visual identities, creative concepts, font designs and web solutions. We work across a multitude of sectors and have helped brands transform their identities by offering bespoke solutions for each of our clients.

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We are based in Brussels Belgium, a central
location to other international cities, such as:
Paris, London and Amsterdam. Our office is
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Brand identity and design services
Au Marché Noir
Beer design . Catalog . Design . Font Design . Interior . Logotype . Packaging
A visual identity that represents the core concept of the brand

Au Marché Noir is a restaurant in the heart of Brussels, which focuses on serving fresh, organic and healthy food from local produce. We developed the restaurant’s entire visual identity – this included the logo, colours, typography and packaging.
Marché noir translates to ‘black market’ – the concept is that consumers are able to find unique and hard to find dishes based on a menu that changes every day. We took influence from old post war newspapers to draw a bespoke typography and we based the pictogram on the visualisation of morse code.
The main idea was to create a simple and minimal identity so that the visual designs wouldn’t overpower the unique concept of the brand.

A bespoke typography was drawn that was influenced by old post war newspapers
We created a bespoke beer label for Au Marché Noir, in collaboration with the Silly brasserie